Once upon a time, a group of highly intelligent pan-dimensional beings convened upon their planet. They have settled almost every question there is in the universe amongst them. However, they could not crack what is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Thus, they built an enormous computer called “Deep Thought” to come up with the answer. Deep Thought worked on this for 7,5 million years. Upon announcement of having completed its work, the people of Deep Thought’s planet cheered and convened around the giant computer to celebrate and revel in expectation of the answer. The high priests went up to Deep Thought’s terminal and asked in ecstasy: “Deep Thought: tell us! What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?” Deep Thought answered:


Douglas Adam’s novel “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” made 42 one of the most famous numbers in contemporaneous pop-culture. It has sparked many discussions across the nerdier portion of our society and remains yet an unsolved riddle. Douglas Adams himselfs debunked all efforts at interpreting his use of the number 42 in an interview, saying that he looking at a tree in his garden and thought, well 42 will do.

In my view, that presents us with three options.
a) 42 is pure coincidence, gibberish and does not mean anyting
b) 42 is a very important number and Douglas was used by the universe to give it to us
c) 42 is indeed the answer to everything, Douglas knows this and wants to keep its meaning occult

I, myself always found the number intriguing. 42, 42, 42. Gosh, there is someting to the sound of this number, some echo in my head, some attraction I cannot explain. I thought about it for about 15 years. Along came my manic psychosis of summer 2012 and I received a clue: “42 is showing 4 and hiding 2”. Great, I thought what kind of an answer is that supposed to be. However, I could not dismiss it as a meaningless snippet of an overall delusive state. It resonated with me, I kept repeating it to myself.

Time went by and I turned my mind back to reality. Quite relaxed that, as Douglas has written himself, Earth was built to compute the Question. And Earth was built by mice of course, which I just ate this morning. Strange.


  1. The options given are wrong, at least the final one because 42 is supposed to be the answer to the question about everything, not the answer to everything. Being a little pedantic 😉

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