“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Guys, I am really sorry that I have not yet published my second article. I worked hard to get there, but ultimately, I ended up with eight drafts but nothing final. I am off to Greece with Tina tomorrow morning, so I’ll likely keep radio silence up until October 5.

Please stay tuned for more. It will come. I got some great topics lined up. There will be a piece on the Weconomy, a new economic paradigm for the future. I will shed a light on the age-old question: “What is 42”. I will introduce you to “The Spark”, our innate spiritual guidance system. I will rant about the current political system in a post called “Rage against the machine”. I will write about the importance of feelings vis-a-vis reason and about how we are all robots. Lots in the pipeline, waiting to be finished.

I leave you with my blessings and Beethoven’s Unfinished Symphony. How fitting :-).

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