Shadows On The Wall

I firmly believe that much of the world’s problems stem from us adopting false belief systems without question. We have been betrayed, taught wrong, led to believe things that are not true and forgotten our true nature.

1. We have been betrayed!

We have been betrayed by ourselves, our mind, our ego, our false systems of belief. We have been betrayed by the system we live in. We have been betrayed into believing that “this reality” is all there is.

2. We have been taught!

We have been taught that we are powerless while we are creators. We have been taught God is separate from us while Oneness is in and around us. We have been taught that the Saviour will come to set us free while it is us that have to free ourselves.

3. We have been led to believe!

We have been led to believe, that we are more or less like anybody while we are unique and special. We have been led to believe that this world of matter is solid and real while in truth every atom consists of 99,9999999 %  space. We have been led to believe that life is a burden and the godly reward resides in Heaven while our ability to influence and create our own reality is limitless.

4. We have forgotten!

We have forgotten our true nature as divine consciousness. We have forgotten the bonds that bind us together, failing to recognize each and every human being as our brother and sister. We have forgotten the Covenant of Old.

The paradigm of the small, helpless, little you, not able to change a thing in this world. The idea that we have a fixed place, a fixed role in a “divine order” serving only the elite. The concept of the little cog in the all-consuming relentless machine. The feeling of desperation within us as we say “I am only one human. How can I do anything about things? How can I change the world?”. The thought of a fixed reality, us being victims of the circumstances and a deluge of information and complexity we fail to comprehend. Sure I have overpainted this, but I believe each of you will have a feeling right now of what I mean. Most importantly, don’t believe any of it!

It is a LIE!  It is an ILLUSION! It is a DREAM!

“Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” Albert Einstein

Plato knew this 2.000 years ago. The parable of the cave. We see shadows on the wall and believe this to be the only reality there is, never asking what casts this shadow and what light shines behind it.

You want to find out?

Well, turn around and go looking! All that is needed is your sincere intention and commitment to go all the way.

Just follow the light.


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