A Prayer to Oneness

Instruction: turn on the music softly but not too softly and read the text out aloud. Blessings Benjamin Oh, my Beloved. I invoke you today! All is One. You are the One and the One is You. You are separate but equal, Just like a grain of sand is as much a mineral As the […]

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Prometheus Reloaded

Die Geschichte handelt von einem kleinen Jungen. Es kann aber genauso ein kleines Mädchen sein. Oder ein Erwachsener mit viel Phantasie. Einst lag die Welt im Dunkeln. Und die Kinder Gottes lebten in der Dunkelheit. Sie hatten vergessen, wer sie waren. Sie hatten vergessen, wer sie sind Eines Nachts blickte ein kleiner Junge zu den […]

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The Nine Commandments

Whether there is a God or not is irrelevant.  What is important is our belief, for it fills the universe with light. The faith and belief of every single being must be respected at all times. Thou shalt not kill any sentient and feeling being except for a direct need for your own survival. Respect […]

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Originally posted on Servants to All:
Verschlungen In Lust und Schmerz Vor Freude blutend Im Leid lacht mein Herz Du bist mein Spiegel Geliebtes Menschenkind Du bist das Siegel Auf das ewig verbunden wir sind Liebe und Schmerz Liebe und Schmerz zwillingsgleich Umranken der Zeiten gnadenlos Spiel Die Liebe so warm und weich Der Schmerz…

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Interview with God

(MY first attempt at Dadaism ;-);-);-)) Interviewer: John Dandy (a.k.a Junior) Interviewee: God (Robert Stark) John Dandy: Well, finally, God has given us the right to broadcast the following interview and… God: Given, Junior, Given??? I didn’t give you anything. You did!Rob Stark: Behead the Idiot already and be done with it. I have a […]

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42 – AM I the ALL?

I was just talking to my girlfriend about us being on a path and what that implies. And how we stray from this path quite often because we feel distracted. I don’t want to go into this in too much detail, but at the heart of “walking the path” is doing what you feel like […]

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Dear Psychiatrist

On account of those whose thoughts and feelings have been silenced by psychopharmacology. Dear Psychiatrist, I am one of those you label “mentally ill”. I have displayed symptoms consistent with several diagnoses in your diagnostic bible. I believed in this diagnosis without question because I felt you believed in it without question. You looked up […]

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