42 – AM I the ALL?

I was just talking to my girlfriend about us being on a path and what that implies. And how we stray from this path quite often because we feel distracted. I don’t want to go into this in too much detail, but at the heart of “walking the path” is doing what you feel like right now, using what is available right now.

So it boils down to having an awareness of what you are feeling in this instant. And having an awareness of the now, which, in my view, implies total absence of thought.

The result is the I AM, the joy of pure being. The experience of oneness as a continuous state. The awareness of THAT, which is the ALL. I AM THAT I AM. Everybody knows how that feels like. We all remember sitting on the beach. The high grass waving with the wind around us. The sand swirling. The waves crashing in. And suddenly, thought vanishes. Time collapses and we are aware of ourselves fully and completely.

I have had this experience many times in my life, sometimes for weeks, but still within the skewed perception of a belief system based on thought. A nearly full and persistent awareness based on heart-centered emotion and thought being a servant to that is a part of my life now.

I am that I am. Nothing more, nothing less.

Exactly that.

I very strongly wish for those of us who know this to be blessed with the opportunity to share this experience. I even more stongly wish for those who are looking for this to find their way towards it. And, most strongly, I wish for those who deny the existence of this state of being to open their hearts and renounce the illusion they are in.

AM I the ALL? Yes. Because everything else is impossible.

Lets use logic. Let us assume there is an ALL. For the sake of reference, lets call the ALL the universe. Lets say you are a trillionth part of that universe. Very small. However, since the ALL is the ALL, a very small portion of that still is the ALL. There is no part-whole relationship to this. You are the ALL and the ALL is you. Pure logic.


Follow your heart and you will get there. It is really that simple.

Now draw inferences based on this axiom.


PS: Thanks to Tiara Kumara who gave me the last piece of the puzzle.

PPS: For further research, study the heart (physical and spiritual) and heart-based meditation. Check out the HeartMath Institute.

PPPS: 42’s digital root is six relating directly to the geometry of the heart space, the Merkaba (666), the hexagon, the cube, the flower of life and many more. It actually also relates to 6 to 12 relations like the Zodiac. I know this is cryptic, but thats the fun part. Just a hint.

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