“Mental Illness” is Transformation

Hi guys… I hope this post reaches you when you need it. There is more to come under the headline “”Mental Illness” is Transformation”. But for the time being check out Eleanor Longden in her TED-talk “Voices inside my head”. It really is worth watching, whether you have or had the experience yourself, or know somebody who has, or are just curious. Time well spent!

Why I like the vid? Well, I love the perspective she gives on “mental illness” in general and on her hearing voices in particular. “Diagnosed, drugged and discarded.” unfortunately is a dominant phenomenon in psychiatry and I have seen so many wonderful people left in utter hopelessness and sheer despair. Destroyed by a thought system of reductionist bio-chemical determinism. Disconnected from the perception of their special experiences as a deep and far-reaching transformational process.

People are educated to perceive hypersensitivity common to all people experiencing mental distress as a threat to their health while it is the key to healing. It is time for “survivors” like her, many others and myself to change this.

I too have voices in my head. It is called thinking. Why the big fuzz when suddenly, as it has happened to me again and again, these voices become acoustic? And numerous? Temporarily or permanently? I love my internal brain trust. There is the formal Benjamin Hittel, the childish Benji and the flamboyant Ben and many more. Angels and demons. My very own internal Fellowship of the Ring.

Might this phenonemon, hearing voices, possibly be an essential step towards a certain form of consciousness for some people? Is it possible that some people repress their heartfelt desires so strongly, that “mental illness” and its manifestations are the only “release valve”? It is possible that some people have less leeway in deviating from their destiny than others? Ta’veren? Or is this for everybody with a continuum from “normal” internal dialogue to hearing voices and seeing beings as a simple matter of degrees? Who else has the experience or the right to judge what is real for me?

No one.

Thank you for making that clear sister.

Thank you for giving me the courage to speak.

About myself: I survived 12 years of “bipolar disorder” with 20 episodes. Like Eleanor, turning towards what was happening to me instead of running away from it, led to the changes I needed to heal and finally realize that every illness is transformation. That’s why I put all the mental health lingo in quotation marks. For I strongly believe, that it is these labels that keep us from addressing what’s going on as an instrument of change. Not just for the individuals, but for our communities and for the planet. Every imbalance on the outside is a mirror of imbalance on the inside. Watch out for people with “mental illnesses”. Listen to them. Respect them. And help them, for they are doing this to be able to heal much more than themselves. Help them and enable them guide you through the times ahead.

Servants of All.

Source of video: TED.com. Check out their page for more great talks on TED.com.
Featured Image: “Tu was Du willst” (Do as thou wilt) courtesy of lueckenfueller.org.

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