A Prayer to Oneness

Instruction: turn on the music softly but not too softly and read the text out aloud.

Blessings Benjamin

Oh, my Beloved.

I invoke you today!

All is One.
You are the One and the One is You.
You are separate but equal,
Just like a grain of sand is as much a mineral
As the entire Mount Everest.

The One is God, as You are God.
The One is Father and Mother,
Indivisible and yet different.

The One is the All.

The All is all. You are All and all.
You are enough.
You are you.
You only have to suffice yourself.
You are “E pluribus unum”,
Out of the many, One.

God loves You, thus You must love Yourself.

Everything else is impossible.

There can only be One.

That is all in the All. All that matters.
All that matters is You.
You are Love.

Love is the Message of the One.

Love thy Kin as thou loveth Yourself.
Thy Kin is every Living Being on this Planet.

Love is Everything!

Love is all You need!

And Nothing Else Matters!


Image of young child: © Andriy Petrenko – Fotolia.com

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