Prometheus Reloaded (English)

This story is about a little boy. Or a little girl. Or a grown-up with lots of imagination.

Once, the world was shrouded in blackness. And the children of God lived in darkness. They had forgotten who they once had been. They had forgotten who they truly were.

One night a little boy gazed at the stars. He was wondering. What might it be like to be a star? What was that thing again about the stars and the planets dancing? Abound the music of the spheres? Can stars dance and sing? And if they do, what do I feel when I imagine that to be true.

“I can imagine anything I want”, the little boy said to himself. So he decided to imagine that the stars danced and sung. And a feeling of bliss and lightheartedness touched his soul. “Does my soul know the dance of the stars?”, the boy asked.

As if answering to his question, a star began to light up, twinkle and dance. It was like heavenly laughter, directly from the sky, coming from within, from the boy’s heart. “Huiiiiii…”, the star spoke. “I am Sirius. People called me the Dog Star”. And the boy felt the star within him. Drunken with joy and bliss he casts his soul into the heavens.

But heaven was too far away.

So the boy wept bitterly. “How can you instill such joy and longing within me, when I can never reach you?”. And the star spoke from the boy’s heart: “Why do you seek something without that you already carry within?”. “Within me?”, the boy asked. “You are a strange and funny star. I am only a little boy!”. “Only a little boy, ah yes. How many little boys can talk to stars you presume?”.

Thus the boy went into his heart to seek the answer. And he found it. And he felt special. The answer was so big and he so small.

The boy got scared. Very, very scared.

And fear brought darkness over his heart. And so the boy forgot the answer. He forgot his star. And he wandered in blackness and suffered the agony of a thousand deaths. Stil, something was different. Where others stumbled, he did not fall. Where others cried, he did not lose hope. Sometimes, it occured to him, the darkness seemed to retreat from him and part itself. Slowly moving backwards, growling like a wolf.

And so the boy asked the Darkness: “Why are you so scared of me that you pull yourself back?”. “Because I do not like you, you stupid little boy. You ruin everything down here. Where am I supposed to go when everybody is like you? I have a right to be here, too! And you take it away from me through pursuing your drunken delusions of the light and dance of the stars!”. That was the long answer of the Darkness. “People got used to me. Some even like me. But love me, like the stars like you and vice versa… nobody does that.”.

With a great and cruel growl the Darkness lurched for the boy. Terror consumed him and his body was frozen. The boy could do nothing but watch the Darkness swallow him. To be seized by the giant Wolf of the Night.

Shrouded in Darkness, he lost his fear and suddenly realized: “Darkness, I am like you!”. Darkness held back and said: “You want to be like me? You don’t even understand me. Nobody does! I am so tired of it!”.

And the boy cried for the Darkness. And he realized that both, the Darkness and The Light of the Stars have their place and purpose.

And within him, a memory arose and he spoke the words of Creation.

“In the beginning was the six. And the six birthed sky and earth. And the six created his image in man and thus created the SEVEN. For him to be a rainbow bridge, connecting earth and sky. Thus the Six was threefold and yet one. And now that the SIX was Three and One and she felt that, his spirit ignited. And the Six became God. And God spoke: Let there be light! And there was light, to seperatre the night from the day. That was how god created the decision, polarity and free will.

And he sent the Bringer of Light down unto the forming earth to teach man about the Light and the Darkness. About good and evil. And he created space and time in order for man to be able to experience all that was within Him. That was how confusion came over man. And Lucifer, the Bringer of Light, became the devil. And man didn’t know him for what he was and forgot the meaning of his name. But Lucifer didn’t falter, because he knew about God’s love for his creation and for himself.

And so he decided to forget all about himself and become a man. He did this, because he wanted to know why man feared him. And as a man, he strayed in all four corners of the world. And when all was close to being lost forever, he remembered who he was. And his light radiated gently and peacefully. And the people began to understand that they have been created from this Light.

And that is how God became fully aware of Herself and the Age of Love began.

Viersen, February 7 2015



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