False Prophets

The spiritual path, sometimes, becomes treacherous. It is at times hard for the Seeker to differentiate where to find hard truths and where to find wanna-be wisdom. Beware of false phrophets, so the Bible tells us. Organized religion, in part, certainly serves as a cautionary tale in that regard.

I just listened to an audio on astrology. In substance and style, it represented everything that made me skeptical and wary of spirituality a few years back. It was folklore, it was entertainment, it was about giving people what they want to hear.

I have this queasy feeling in my stomach now. It literally makes me sick that it is so easy to catch people’s souls, desires and aspirations in a marketing-crafted web of false promises that easily. What is it, that makes us succumb to what is easy instead of seeking out depth. I felt I had to share that with you, so as to rid myself of that queasyness.

My girlfriend gave me this book for my birthday: “Shadows on the Path”. It is written by a spiritual person warning others of false prophets along the way. It was a good read.

Thinking about my own spirituality, I try to follow the following principle. What would have made my 25-year old self listen? What would have inspired the old me to seek answers? How do I build a bridge to those who are skeptical? To me, spirituality has to embrace both heart and mind. For a truth to be true it must prove its veracity spiritually, emotionally, physically AND mentally. After all how can something be true and whole when understanding isn’t based on all our faculties of understanding and interpreting reality. It is my personal quest not only to feel the truth but to know the truth. That made me seek out the part of my mind that could comprehend and interpret my experiences. The higher mind.

However, some things cannot be explained, you might say. Some things are not meant to be touched.

Well, try harder!

Merging inner science and outer science, esoterics and exoterics, spirituality and modern science will be the next big leap forward for mankind. There have to be people whose criteria for truth must meet both worlds. Otherwise, they will never become one.

I feel slightly better now.


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