Welcome to the New Age?

The New Age is coming, right?

Every “awakened”, “enlightened” and “spiritual” person knows this.

Interestingly, the concept of a new age is as old as mankind itself. The idea that the current generation might live to witness a great expansion of consciousness, the reckoning and the beginning of God’s kingdom on earth is a recurring theme throughout the ages.

So why does this idea keep persisting when it has failed to manifest itself for thousands of years? Why do we still hold dear to the concept that “it will finally happen in my lifetime”, when countless others have held the same view and been disappointed?

In my view, a big portion is ego. The need to be special. Belonging to a group of people who deem themselves special or are so deemed by others fulfills that need. I have grown very critical of spiritual marketing lingo like “awakened” or “enlightened”. In my book, using this terminology is, in itself, an expression of a dualistic, polarized world-view. I am so spritual, when will the others wake up? Come on, guys – cut it out. Is that what it’s about? Comparison to others? Seeking answers outside of yourself? Espousing an us versus them mentality while seeking out unity consciousness? Doesn’t quite sit right.

In my opinion New Age lore is – largely – a distraction. It is very interesting, for a time, and serves a great purpose, for a time.

In my personal experience, New Age concepts have a lower entry treshold than the hard-core traditional esoteric schools. I started looking into this first in 2007 with the inescapable “The Secret” and some Ken Wilbur and then, very intensively, in summer 2012. Just in time to get hooked on the 2012 stuff going around. Having been on a extended sick leave, I spent 10 hours a day watching lectures from Nassim Haramein, Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Icke, Teal Swan, Santos Bonacci and what felt like every Zeitgeist-type movie in existence. I read stuff on hermetics, the Kabbalah, sacred geometry, astrology etc. The good thing about this was, the overwhelming input made me rethink and revisit many assumptions held about myself and reality in general. All those new ideas were like a counter-infection that corrupted and exterminated my old system of belief. My memeplex collapsed.

That was great.

Other than that the experience didn’t change much. It did not encourage me to meditate any deeper, nor did it encourage me to look at myself, my inner workings more closely. For a time, all I did was relating those inner experiences to this incredible grandiose story of mass awakening, ascended masters and the eternal battle between the Pleiadians and the Reptilians. That is not to say that these concepts are useless or false. I just got lost in it. The cause of every experience seemed to be outside of myself. The whole thing was incredible confusing and my life got increasingly messed up. I lost touch with realtiy and lived in a world of symbols and stories, neglecting everyday life and it’s wonderful experiences completely.

That was not so great.

In conclusion. New Age, please drink in moderation. Use the great ideas put forth by committed and passionate teachers as a stepping stone for your own development. Don’t wait for others, don’t look towards others. Don’t wait for big things to happen in this world before taking the next step on your path. Everything you need is already there, inside of you. Everything you need will be manifested for you. Observe consciously, act consciously. The taste of your morning coffee might be as important a clue towards your next step as the one-week yoga retreat coming up.

Somebody once said, that the way towards the sacred is achieved through the profane. True, in my experience. Human life is the Great Spirit having a human experience. Sure, I know a lot about esoterics, I mediate daily, I do regular body and breathing work with a very skilled therapist, I even teach meditation. Does that make me more spiritual than my friends? They did the marriage-house-kids thing. Is that any less a spiritual experience? Raising kids – what can possibly be more spiritual than that.

I once learned that the Seeker may learn the truth in pursuing it humbly and sincerely. And that can only be achieved by being within yourself at all times. “Know thyself, and thou shalt now all the wonders of the universe”.

Truths are simple, not complicated. That’s why they are so hard to find!

Have a great week.

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