What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is not a specific school of thought or set of practices.

All people are spirit (consciousness) making a human experience. Spirituality, thus, is a fundamental attribute of our human existence. We do not choose to be spiritual. We are.

That is why it is so important to respect every living being and each path they take. The one consciousness expresses itself in infinite possibilities. All that may be is. Each and every possible experience is realised. Each and every possible experience expands God’s awareness of itself.

That includes all the beauty and all the ugly in this world. God is One. It does not know good and evil. It is beyond polarity.

It is one of the breathtakingly mystical and wonderful facts of human existence, that, in contrast to that, we create a polarized reality, to help us understand just that – all is one.

Every human being, without expection, is having a spiritual experience. The yoga teacher, the monk, the manager, the soldier.

Some people are very aware how and why they are having specific experiences and how those experiences relate to others on their journey through life. It is those people, that would more explicitly refer to themselves as “spiritual”, or be referred as such by others.

Spirituality is an aspiration for, an attempt at something. It is not a final destination, but a living and perpetual process.

I find it wonderful to experience how so many different people with so many perspectives on life somehow end up with the same set of guiding principles and tenets.

  1. I am unconditonally loved. I am a product of unconditional love. I use this realisation to love myself. It is through loving myself, that I succeed at bringing unconditional love to others. I seek this love even in the darkest alleys of human existence. I humbly and sincerely strive towards acting in the spirit of this one love.
  2. I realize that there is no chance. Each and every experience has significance for my growth and advancement as consciousness in flesh. That’s why “Everything is always in perfect order.”.
  3. I strive towards experiencing myself in the here and now at all times. Being as a permanent state is my goal. It is the I AM, which is oneness with God.
  4. I seek to detach myself from judgement and evalution by others. I try not to judge or assess others.
  5. I am a creator, an individualisation of God. I am Thy will, and Thy will be done. My ability to create my own reality is limitless.
  6. I attain full mastery over my emotions. I confront everything that is within me. I master my fear. I accept everything, I suppress nothing. I am always with and within myself emotionally and always refer my external experiences back to my inner state. I so assume complete responsibility for myself. Note: “You need not fear. Nothing can happen to you.”. Accordingly, I master body, breath, thought and energy. I become fire, water, air and earth. I am the fifth element.
  7. I try to understand the following: “Reality is a dream. Time is an illusion.”.
  8. I am always true to myself and to my heart. I know the magic of the heart.
  9. “You get what you need, not what you want”. I seek to make my needs and wants congruent. I do this through fully releasing and renouncing ego and every concept of individualized will and fully submit myself to being a channel and vessel of the divine. I AM THAT I AM.
  10. I am free. Freedom is my birthright as a souvereign being. It may not be taken away, restricted or alienated. It is no right that may be granted or given to me. No law, no constitution. By our very nature.
  11. A religious person believes. A spritual person knows. This knowledge flows from one’s knowledge of oneself. It flows from the knowledge on the inside. A spiritual person realises that the inside creates the outside. His whole life is a meditation.

“Trust in yourself and follow your heart. Miracles happen if you make a start. Make with your mind the world that you need. Life only grows if you planted the seed. Open your eyes and see what you’ve done. Life’s in the music and you became one.” – ZATOX

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