The 8 Wisdoms of the Vedas – My Interpretation

My spiritual journey has yet not brought me in any extensive and meaningful contact with far-eastern schools. I feel I am quite the oddity, as many Westeners turn to Hinduist and Buddhist philosophy and meditation first thing.

Well, I am one of those guys that could probably increase their far-eastern knowlege five-fold by watching “Eat, Pray, Love”. Luckily I do not have to go down this painfully womanly path (;-)).  I owe that to three people in my life that think about Hinduism and Buddhism a lot. The “winkelbauer” (Austrian blog and Mr. T.

Today is all about Mr. T, a true seeker set on his far-eastern path. He sent me a letter (yep, a real one) containing the “Eight Fundamental Truths of Vedic Wisdom”.

While reading, I was, once again astonished about how people all over the world reach almost identical conclusions completely independent of tradition, culture of school of thought. They reach these conclusion through a humble and sincere pursuit of knowing themselves.

I want to take the chance today, to give you an example of what I mean. I will interpret the Vedic Wisdom in my own words. Without any background research. Just from my heart.

Let us discuss the “Eight Fundamental Truths of Vedic Wisdom”, number I-III.

East I: Vedic Wisdom
“The material world is but a reflection of the spiritual reality.”

Benjamin I: theopusinfinity
“The Matrix is real, but essentially benign. It gives us the gift of experience (of good and evil – of duality). The role-play (of duality) we play with ourselves serves the expansion of one’s consciousness and the expansion of the awareness of God of itself. The world of ideas, the spiritual realm, is causal, immutable in God and thus real. The material world is the world of effects (except for the Big Bang if that ever happened), impermanent and thus not real.”

East II: Vedic Wisdom
“All That Is has its origin in the personality of God”

Benjamin II: theopusinfinity
“All That Is is Source. Source is the Heart, the singularity. There is no separation between Self and God. God does not have a personality. It is SELF ITSELF. I really don’t know why they use personality. I assume it is a translation error. Personality, character or ego is a strictly human concept that is not in alignment with SELF ITSELF. It is the mastery of personality, character and ego through recognition of the original SELF we are invited to achieve in this world. The emphasis is on mastery, not destruction or transcendence, for transcendence can only be achieved through mastery and nothing else. Remember: it is Gollum who destroys the ring.”

East III: Vedic Wisdom
“Every living being is an eternal spiritual soul and thus originally inhabitants of the spiritual world.”

Benjamin III: theopusinfinity
“I think this is complicated, only half-true and lacks the insights inherent to the previous two statements. It is dishonest. Living beings (humans, animals, plants, minerals) are emanations of consciousness. Consciousness is eternal, since Consciousness is Source, is God. God is God only through being eternal, omni-present, omni-scient and omni-potent at the same “time”. The idea of a soul, is, in my opinion, a very human concept that appeals to the narcissism of the seeking personality of each human. Consciousness in One, is uni-form. There is no concept of a part-whole relationship. The ALL is the ALL. You can picture this with the image of a drop of water dropping into an ocean. This drop is your soul at the end of this incarnation. How likely is it, that the ocean will produce the same drop again? To me, the idea of a, somewhat individualized entity, called soul with a unique signature over time is only a stepping stone towards understanding UNITY. The beauty of the soul concept is, that it gives us the ability to tell collective stories over large stretches of time. It is a 4-D concept. The spiritual world is at least 5-D. There time and space does not exist. Everything happens here and now. We exist everywhere now. Our incarnated self is part of the illusion that me are invited to end. We do not have to strive to be a spiritual being in this incarnation. We are by default. We exist on all levels and dimensions, in all cause-and-effect relationships everywhere. There is no effort to go anywhere. We are there already.”

It is time we realise that on a global scale. I’m in. You too?

Have a great day


photo credit: DSC 0187 ep via photopin (license)


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