Today marks the final day of my personal interpretation of the Hinduist tenets of the Veda. Those of you who would like to learn more about my point of view on the first six tenets and how I came in touch with all of this may read here and here.

I could not write it more accessible than it is. Hard to digest it may be, but maybe you take away one thing or the other.

So let us sound the final round: East vs. Benjamin.

I introduce the Vedic tenet and then interpret it in my words.

Today we will talk about the “Eight Fundamental Truths of Vedic Wisdom”. Number VII-VIII.

East VII: Vedic Wisdom
“The Vedic sound conveys complete knowledge.”

Benjamin VII: theopusinfinity
“All is vibration. All vibration is a derivative of the one vibration. The sound of God. Many think this is the A.U.M (often referred to as the Ohm or Om) but it’s not. You hear God’s sound in your heart. Heartbeat, the pulse of your heart, the pulse of your energy field that creates your body. Higher vibration translates into lower vibration. Consciousness may become “matter”. 1-2-3-1-2-3-3, that is the heartbeat of the cosmos. Male-Female-Neutral-Male-Female-Neutral-Neutral. The universes dances a Waltz. Your breath expresses all of this. Meditate on that, so that the sound may rise within you. You will see, that this sound is the resonance of the ONE love. Then your word will be creation itself.

East VIII: Vedic Wisdom
“Complete knowledge means understanding the relationship between all that is and the personality of God. ”

Benjamin VIII: theopusinfinity
“God neither is nor has a personality. It is no SELF. It IS. Awareness of IS-NESS through BEING. It is SELF-LESS-NESS. Completion and complete knowledge may be found in the humble and sincere acceptance of this truth. They may be received through letting-go of the individual SELF. “I give myself up utterly to you my God.”. Completeness and complete knowledge lie in the understanding of the relationship of BEING to being. In I to I AM. In time to timelessness. In space to singularity. Consciousness is a process of self-reference, thereby establishing two or more states. Separation is thus an integral prerequisite for self awareness and, at the same time, expression of the consciousness of ALL BEINGS in our universe. Oneness gained from this understanding is a derivative of separation. It is separate from separation and thus NOT the final state. That is NONE-NESS. In relating NONE-NESS to ONE-NESS the true meaning of both may be gleaned. This is well expressed in the movie “Interstellar”. Matthew’s key sentence: “We brought us here ourselves.”.

I hope this finds you at the right time and place.



photo credit: DSC 0187 ep via photopin (license)