Liebster Award – My Interview and Nominations

My German blog on meditation, self-experience and spirituality was nominated for the Liebster Award. I am very happy and answered some fun questions about my blog and myself. I took on the extra effort to write an English translation too, so you guys can read it as well. Enjoy. Benjamin

The Mellowmind Experience

I had an already fantastic day yesterday, when word reached me that toe and cao, whose passion and creativity drive their blog winkelbauer nominated my blog for the 2016 Liebster Award. I am very happy and very grateful for this nomination and the opportunity to participate in this global initiative. Since this blog usually is in German, you can check the German version here.

All English speakers, please check out my English blog, which features some of the same material translated and additonal stuff on mental health, esoterics and spirituality. 

You want to find out what this blog and I am about? The why and what?Give this article a good read and let me share some things with you. We might actually win something :-). If you want to skip the intro and go the interview, scroll a bit.

That it is actually toe and cao who nominated…

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