Daily Prompt: Renewal (through Resolve)

Another turning of the big wheel is over.

It is time for renewal.

As individuals.
As communities.
As humanity itself.

Will it be a new beginning or just another turning of the wheel?
Something new or more of the same?

Is there a difference?

Let’s dump all our new year’s resolutions and replace them with


Resolve to make a difference in our lives.
Resolve to embrace ourselves no matter what.
Resolve to be kind and warm.
Resolve to open our hearts and let our love light up the world.

It is possible, feasible and very simple.
And all the meandering of the restless mind mere excuses,
For fatalism and victimhood.

Our decision. Our lives. Our planet.
Our brothers and sisters.
One Kin.

We create this wonderful place called Gaia.
She is our responsibility.
Let us embrace that with kindness, sincerity, humility and resolve.

That is RENEWAL to me, on this beautiful Thursday.

May the Force be with You


via Daily Prompt: Renewal


photo credit: sjrankin Gaia’s Sky Map of the Milky Way via photopin (license)

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