My Mission

My mission is egoistic. Doing something. Writing. Using my poise and eloquence to inspire people.

Well, I’m finally doing it.

opusinfinity originally was the name of a company I founded in 2007. It never got off its feet. However, it occured to me that opusinfinity, the works of eternity, actually reflected very accurately what happened to me and my life. I became an adept in spirtituality and esoterics. I studied physics and psychology, metaphysics and psychology. I studied the human thought process, memetics, emotions, feelings (it is not the same), sensation, sound and many more. I have been doing this all my life, but the process accelerated and itensified.

Especially since summer 2012, I did a lot of research into esoterics. Esoterics, translated into plain English, means inner science. And believe me it is a science as rigorous as the theory of relativity.

I started out as a sceptic, with the strong conviction of esoterics being a heap of ridiculous beliefs and superficial rituals. People talking to trees, obsessing about angels and spirit guides.

Boy, was I proven wrong. I began to realize that inner science relates to outer science. to exoterics. Being a lifelong student of physics, I began to understand how especially quantum mechanics and string theory relate to esoteric knowledge. Knowledge at least 5000 years old! I am not making this up. Michio Kaku, a renowed physicist once mentioned in an interview, that I was surprised to find accurate descriptions of dimensional theory in both the Jewish Zohar and the Indian Vedas.

This blog is about me following the white rabbit, swallowing the red pill and entering wonderland. Its a personal record my quest for love and truth, my yearning for knowing the universe in its totality.

I have not yet decided what to write, but topics may include an answer to the question why Homer said “Hey, the dog just ate the universe” when Santa’s Little Helper gulped down a donut. I will tell you why Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is possibly wrong and how this relates to the principle of relativity. I will provide a logical proof that chance does not exist and that we are all of one heart. There will be some politics, a lot of spiritual topics etc. etc. This might take some years though and I give no guarantees. Who knows where the journey will lead us.

Pretty crazy agenda, pretty crazy guy? Well thank you! Enjoy reading.

Namaste brothers and sisters!


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