A Man and His Mission

opusinfinity originally was the name of a company I founded in 2007. It never got off its feet. However, it occured to me that opusinfinity, the works of eternity, actually reflected very accurately what happened to me and my life. I became an adept in spirtituality and esoterics. I studied physics and psychology, metaphysics and psychology. I studied the human thought process, memetics, emotions, feelings (it is not the same), sensation, sound and many more. I have been doing this all my life, but the process accelerated and itensified. Until I did this… THIS IS ME… not literally but the emotion involved.


My name is Benjamin Hittel. At the point I write this I am 38 years old. I live in a small town within a rural area in western Germany, close to the Dutch border. The city I live in is called Viersen.

Professionally, I teach people to meditate. And I work a 9 hour job to finance the basic stuff I need to get going.

It is my heart’s wish to inspire others and help them develop and transform themselves. That’s my ultimate business idea, a platform for transformation for people from all walks of life who are ready for that journey. Well honestly, this whole paragraph is more of a to-dos.

I have a woman I love above all others.

I am a very happy guy. I want to share this state of being and the process of getting there with you by knocking you out of your established thought patterns. Think of me as Morpheus from the Matrix. I offer the red pill by writing this blog.

Swallow it. It is a fantastic voyage.

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