Does Life Need A Meaning?

Searching for the meaning of life is probably the most well-travelled bandwagon in the Universe. What is so fascinating about it? Is looking for life’s meaning really meaningful? Or does our incessant search prevent us from finding what we are actually looking for?  You have probably read dozens of articles or books, some of those […]

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Prometheus Reloaded (English)

This story is about a little boy. Or a little girl. Or a grown-up with lots of imagination. Once, the world was shrouded in blackness. And the children of God lived in darkness. They had forgotten who they once had been. They had forgotten who they truly were. One night a little boy gazed at […]

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Prometheus Reloaded

Die Geschichte handelt von einem kleinen Jungen. Es kann aber genauso ein kleines Mädchen sein. Oder ein Erwachsener mit viel Phantasie. Einst lag die Welt im Dunkeln. Und die Kinder Gottes lebten in der Dunkelheit. Sie hatten vergessen, wer sie waren. Sie hatten vergessen, wer sie sind Eines Nachts blickte ein kleiner Junge zu den […]

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