I started this blog in 2014. It was a big time of transition for me and I didn’t know where this was going.

One part of being a writer is finding one’s language. Another is finding what you really want to write about. The hardest part is then to express this message, this pouring out of the heart, unencumbered, so as to relate heart to heart, soul to soul, being to being.


(MY first attempt at Dadaism ;-);-);-))

Interviewer: John Dandy (a.k.a Junior)
Interviewee: God (Robert Stark)

John Dandy: Well, finally, God has given us the right to broadcast the following interview and…
God: Given, Junior, Given??? I didn’t give you anything. You did!Rob Stark: Behead the Idiot already and be done with it. I have a dragon to catch.

Enters the Fool (a.k.a Benjamin): SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT AND STOP WHINING LIKE LITTLE PRISSIES OVER WHAT IS YELLOW AND WHAT IS GREEN. WHO REALLY CARES? i Certainly dont give a shit! And I am still alive. So that shit has to work for everyone.

And so the Fool continued his rant until John, God and Robert were completely worn down. He is a good man, that fool. Really. And in that intention, he feels it is necessary to initiate a massive, preventive strike against all idiocy in this world with the full force of his wrath, which does not exist.

How can you be sure he is not in impostor? IMPOSTOR??? Well, he doesn’t care about appearances, so neither should you.

He kindly asks you to consider the 10 Commandment crap he wrote earlier as null and void and issues a new book called: “The Only Commandment”. It is completely blank, which is the joke. And since he is the Fool. LALALALA

And so the Lord sayeth: Let there be only one commandment added to the 10 so far.
11: Always be true to yourself

The writer of this text is very bold and fearful at the same time. He has a bipolar tendency. That might include killing youself for no reason etc. Luckily. After pressing the “Publish” button, the writer will be healed, thereby remedying all states. I hand the staff to whoever wants it. I really dont wanna do that 😉


I hereby affirm wholy and compelely that I wrote this out of my free will as a child of God.


Image by lueckbuesser.org

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Guys, I am really sorry that I have not yet published my second article. I worked hard to get there, but ultimately, I ended up with eight drafts but nothing final. I am off to Greece with Tina tomorrow morning, so I’ll likely keep radio silence up until October 5.

Please stay tuned for more. It will come. I got some great topics lined up. There will be a piece on the Weconomy, a new economic paradigm for the future. I will shed a light on the age-old question: “What is 42”. I will introduce you to “The Spark”, our innate spiritual guidance system. I will rant about the current political system in a post called “Rage against the machine”. I will write about the importance of feelings vis-a-vis reason and about how we are all robots. Lots in the pipeline, waiting to be finished.

I leave you with my blessings and Beethoven’s Unfinished Symphony. How fitting :-).