Today marks the final day of my personal interpretation of the Hinduist tenets of the Veda. Those of you who would like to learn more about my point of view on the first six tenets and how I came in touch with all of this may read here and here.

I could not write it more accessible than it is. Hard to digest it may be, but maybe you take away one thing or the other.

So let us sound the final round: East vs. Benjamin.

I introduce the Vedic tenet and then interpret it in my words.

Today we will talk about the “Eight Fundamental Truths of Vedic Wisdom”. Number VII-VIII.

East VII: Vedic Wisdom
“The Vedic sound conveys complete knowledge.”

Benjamin VII: theopusinfinity
“All is vibration. All vibration is a derivative of the one vibration. The sound of God. Many think this is the A.U.M (often referred to as the Ohm or Om) but it’s not. You hear God’s sound in your heart. Heartbeat, the pulse of your heart, the pulse of your energy field that creates your body. Higher vibration translates into lower vibration. Consciousness may become “matter”. 1-2-3-1-2-3-3, that is the heartbeat of the cosmos. Male-Female-Neutral-Male-Female-Neutral-Neutral. The universes dances a Waltz. Your breath expresses all of this. Meditate on that, so that the sound may rise within you. You will see, that this sound is the resonance of the ONE love. Then your word will be creation itself.

East VIII: Vedic Wisdom
“Complete knowledge means understanding the relationship between all that is and the personality of God. ”

Benjamin VIII: theopusinfinity
“God neither is nor has a personality. It is no SELF. It IS. Awareness of IS-NESS through BEING. It is SELF-LESS-NESS. Completion and complete knowledge may be found in the humble and sincere acceptance of this truth. They may be received through letting-go of the individual SELF. “I give myself up utterly to you my God.”. Completeness and complete knowledge lie in the understanding of the relationship of BEING to being. In I to I AM. In time to timelessness. In space to singularity. Consciousness is a process of self-reference, thereby establishing two or more states. Separation is thus an integral prerequisite for self awareness and, at the same time, expression of the consciousness of ALL BEINGS in our universe. Oneness gained from this understanding is a derivative of separation. It is separate from separation and thus NOT the final state. That is NONE-NESS. In relating NONE-NESS to ONE-NESS the true meaning of both may be gleaned. This is well expressed in the movie “Interstellar”. Matthew’s key sentence: “We brought us here ourselves.”.

I hope this finds you at the right time and place.



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Today, I am going to tackle the next three tenets (IV-VI) of the Eight Fundamental Truths of Vedic Wisdom. For those of you who missed my post on the first three, please read here

The Vedas are hinduist texts. An initially oral tradition was later translated into a written canon. The emergence of the Vedas is connected to the arrival of the Arya (1500 B.C.), what suggests a possible earlier origin. The Vedas may thus be one of the oldest legacies known to humankind.

While interpreting tenets I-III came relatively easy, part II proved more difficult. But hey, I wouldn’t be my planed-sized ego myself, if I wouldn’t rise to the challenge ;-).

Let us discuss the “Eight Fundamental Truths of Vedic Wisdom”, number IV-VI.

East IV: Vedic Wisdom
“The material world is the world of dualities and is thus structured multidimensionally and multipolarly.”

Benjamin IV: theopusinfinity
“Let me say the following: this is an allegory of a physics that we are just beginning to understand (relativity, quantum mechanics, string theory, branes etc.). Note: allegory. A one-to-one transfer will not work. However, savour this, this is not Stephen Hawking or Einstein talking. No, it comes from a text 3500 years old. Now.

Let us look at the statement itself. Reading this, I cannot put together the first and the last part of the sentence. My first impulse is to yield. But that is not me. Everyone can understand anything is my personal creed.

So, let us divvy this up. “The material world is the world of dualities…”. So far so good. I think we can all subscribe to that. A world of good and evil, light and dark, hot and cold (compare hermetic principle of polarity). Our world is structured in pairs of opposites.

Lets discuss the “thus” later.

Second part of the sentence “[is] structured multidimensionally and multipolarly.”. Well, that seems to be the exact opposite of duality. Multidimensional or multipolar means what? Everything is relative. Everything is relative. The observer effect from cosmology (multidimensional) and quantum mechanics (multipolar). 1500 B.C. Wow. Hence, as the material world has two opposing poles, it might not from the perspective of another dimension. Einstein once stated that only 3 people on the planet will understand his theory of relativity as most men already struggle with the 3rd dimension. That being said, lets leave physics. Let us replace dimension with “felt reality”. That is when things start making sense. For one person, a summer vacation is great, the other guy loves Island in winter, with infinite shades of grey inbetween. Person 3 does not care about going on vacation at all. Relativity may thus be defined dependent on various scales (dimensions) of what is good or not. The concept of a “felt reality” grants us both the opportunity and ability to view and interpret reality completely different than our neighbor or ourself 5 minutes ago.

However, the shared reality we generally live in is more of a “thought-of reality”, enabling us to interact. The good old Matrix.

“Thus” is the material world multidimensional and multipolar. We exist only by the points of reference we decide to set ourselves. The system we live in is intrinsically endogenous (self-begotten). An observer able of sensation, feeling and thought transforms the “duality trap” into a “felt reality” where everything is possible. The only prerequisite is to actively enact this “felt reality” in awareness of self as a sumproduct of sensation, emotion and thought.

East V: Vedic Wisdom
“The meaning of existence in the material world consists in freeing ourselves from it und reach the spiritual world.”

Benjamin V: theopusinfinity
“Wherever you want to be you are there already. You just have to realise that. You do that through dissolving your perceptual inefficiencies with respect to your inner process one step at a time – if you want to (dis-illusion). On top, I think it is unnecessary to define the meaning of existence that narrowly. Being a good father, a successful manager or a shepherd out in the wild the whole day is more than enough to me personally. Everybody has his or her “felt reality”. That is the meaning of “All roads lead to Rome” (e. g. the heart). To me that is the meaning of “freeing” ourselves from the material world, “freeing” ourselves from duality (Buddhism “maya” = illusion, Native Americans = “smoky mirror”, compare Parable of the Cave, Plato). Death, Ascension, Descension or whatever you want to call it are mere metaphors. Many people strive for ascension. I wanna be a dog in a loving family. So lets do both. You just unlock a new, additional LEVEL. And the Boss is always you ;-). Well in my case it is Barney Stinson. Self high-five.

East VI: Vedic Wisdom
“Our senses translate but a tiny portion of reality in a distorted form into our consciousness.

Benjamin VI: theopusinfinity
“That is exactly my point in V. Perceptual inefficiencies. The biggest one in most of our contempary world-views is the following: outside precedes inside. The outside world is fixed and real. The inner world is mutable and relative. That physicists dig up evidence on the contrary for more than 100 years has yet to reach mass consciousness and consensus reality. Another perceptual inefficiency is that our personality, character or ego is our self. That is not the case. The final, and in my view largest and most fatal inefficiency is that of free will. The thought process of an average person, myself included, is a fuzzy-logic contradictory program made of socialisation, family and public education, indoctrination, marketing and self-imposed rules. The core of that program is “conscience”, which serves as a mental instance imposing control and compliance with societal norms.  It is this program that limits our perception of reality MASSIVELY. Your sense of reason is NEVER in the here and now. That would be contrary to its function.  It categorized, evaluates etc.. Reality, in spiritual and older philosophical traditions, is always defined as perceiving what REALLY IS (via the body). And the only thing we can perceive with a reasonable degree of certainty is the realm of our sensations, emotions and thoughts. Everything else is out of SCOPE, it is part of an sensory apparatus that is directed outward, which has little additonal benefit for your personal growth past the age of 7. Directing our senses inward permits us to slowly regain a feeling for what’s real. What immutably IS. Being. I have this meditation project called The Mellowmind Experience (German). The experience of a mellow mind. I do this workshop called “Mind – Head? Off!”. Mind sees reality. Head (brain, reason, ego etc.) does not, though it later plays a very important role.


Have a great day.


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My spiritual journey has yet not brought me in any extensive and meaningful contact with far-eastern schools. I feel I am quite the oddity, as many Westeners turn to Hinduist and Buddhist philosophy and meditation first thing.

Well, I am one of those guys that could probably increase their far-eastern knowlege five-fold by watching “Eat, Pray, Love”. Luckily I do not have to go down this painfully womanly path (;-)).  I owe that to three people in my life that think about Hinduism and Buddhism a lot. The “winkelbauer” (Austrian blog and Mr. T.

Today is all about Mr. T, a true seeker set on his far-eastern path. He sent me a letter (yep, a real one) containing the “Eight Fundamental Truths of Vedic Wisdom”.

While reading, I was, once again astonished about how people all over the world reach almost identical conclusions completely independent of tradition, culture of school of thought. They reach these conclusion through a humble and sincere pursuit of knowing themselves.

I want to take the chance today, to give you an example of what I mean. I will interpret the Vedic Wisdom in my own words. Without any background research. Just from my heart.

Let us discuss the “Eight Fundamental Truths of Vedic Wisdom”, number I-III.

East I: Vedic Wisdom
“The material world is but a reflection of the spiritual reality.”

Benjamin I: theopusinfinity
“The Matrix is real, but essentially benign. It gives us the gift of experience (of good and evil – of duality). The role-play (of duality) we play with ourselves serves the expansion of one’s consciousness and the expansion of the awareness of God of itself. The world of ideas, the spiritual realm, is causal, immutable in God and thus real. The material world is the world of effects (except for the Big Bang if that ever happened), impermanent and thus not real.”

East II: Vedic Wisdom
“All That Is has its origin in the personality of God”

Benjamin II: theopusinfinity
“All That Is is Source. Source is the Heart, the singularity. There is no separation between Self and God. God does not have a personality. It is SELF ITSELF. I really don’t know why they use personality. I assume it is a translation error. Personality, character or ego is a strictly human concept that is not in alignment with SELF ITSELF. It is the mastery of personality, character and ego through recognition of the original SELF we are invited to achieve in this world. The emphasis is on mastery, not destruction or transcendence, for transcendence can only be achieved through mastery and nothing else. Remember: it is Gollum who destroys the ring.”

East III: Vedic Wisdom
“Every living being is an eternal spiritual soul and thus originally inhabitants of the spiritual world.”

Benjamin III: theopusinfinity
“I think this is complicated, only half-true and lacks the insights inherent to the previous two statements. It is dishonest. Living beings (humans, animals, plants, minerals) are emanations of consciousness. Consciousness is eternal, since Consciousness is Source, is God. God is God only through being eternal, omni-present, omni-scient and omni-potent at the same “time”. The idea of a soul, is, in my opinion, a very human concept that appeals to the narcissism of the seeking personality of each human. Consciousness in One, is uni-form. There is no concept of a part-whole relationship. The ALL is the ALL. You can picture this with the image of a drop of water dropping into an ocean. This drop is your soul at the end of this incarnation. How likely is it, that the ocean will produce the same drop again? To me, the idea of a, somewhat individualized entity, called soul with a unique signature over time is only a stepping stone towards understanding UNITY. The beauty of the soul concept is, that it gives us the ability to tell collective stories over large stretches of time. It is a 4-D concept. The spiritual world is at least 5-D. There time and space does not exist. Everything happens here and now. We exist everywhere now. Our incarnated self is part of the illusion that me are invited to end. We do not have to strive to be a spiritual being in this incarnation. We are by default. We exist on all levels and dimensions, in all cause-and-effect relationships everywhere. There is no effort to go anywhere. We are there already.”

It is time we realise that on a global scale. I’m in. You too?

Have a great day


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Instruction: turn on the music softly but not too softly and read the text out aloud.

Blessings Benjamin

Oh, my Beloved.

I invoke you today!

All is One.
You are the One and the One is You.
You are separate but equal,
Just like a grain of sand is as much a mineral
As the entire Mount Everest.

The One is God, as You are God.
The One is Father and Mother,
Indivisible and yet different.

The One is the All.

The All is all. You are All and all.
You are enough.
You are you.
You only have to suffice yourself.
You are “E pluribus unum”,
Out of the many, One.

God loves You, thus You must love Yourself.

Everything else is impossible.

There can only be One.

That is all in the All. All that matters.
All that matters is You.
You are Love.

Love is the Message of the One.

Love thy Kin as thou loveth Yourself.
Thy Kin is every Living Being on this Planet.

Love is Everything!

Love is all You need!

And Nothing Else Matters!


Image of young child: © Andriy Petrenko –

(MY first attempt at Dadaism ;-);-);-))

Interviewer: John Dandy (a.k.a Junior)
Interviewee: God (Robert Stark)

John Dandy: Well, finally, God has given us the right to broadcast the following interview and…
God: Given, Junior, Given??? I didn’t give you anything. You did!Rob Stark: Behead the Idiot already and be done with it. I have a dragon to catch.

Enters the Fool (a.k.a Benjamin): SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT AND STOP WHINING LIKE LITTLE PRISSIES OVER WHAT IS YELLOW AND WHAT IS GREEN. WHO REALLY CARES? i Certainly dont give a shit! And I am still alive. So that shit has to work for everyone.

And so the Fool continued his rant until John, God and Robert were completely worn down. He is a good man, that fool. Really. And in that intention, he feels it is necessary to initiate a massive, preventive strike against all idiocy in this world with the full force of his wrath, which does not exist.

How can you be sure he is not in impostor? IMPOSTOR??? Well, he doesn’t care about appearances, so neither should you.

He kindly asks you to consider the 10 Commandment crap he wrote earlier as null and void and issues a new book called: “The Only Commandment”. It is completely blank, which is the joke. And since he is the Fool. LALALALA

And so the Lord sayeth: Let there be only one commandment added to the 10 so far.
11: Always be true to yourself

The writer of this text is very bold and fearful at the same time. He has a bipolar tendency. That might include killing youself for no reason etc. Luckily. After pressing the “Publish” button, the writer will be healed, thereby remedying all states. I hand the staff to whoever wants it. I really dont wanna do that 😉


I hereby affirm wholy and compelely that I wrote this out of my free will as a child of God.


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I was just talking to my girlfriend about us being on a path and what that implies. And how we stray from this path quite often because we feel distracted. I don’t want to go into this in too much detail, but at the heart of “walking the path” is doing what you feel like right now, using what is available right now.

So it boils down to having an awareness of what you are feeling in this instant. And having an awareness of the now, which, in my view, implies total absence of thought.

The result is the I AM, the joy of pure being. The experience of oneness as a continuous state. The awareness of THAT, which is the ALL. I AM THAT I AM. Everybody knows how that feels like. We all remember sitting on the beach. The high grass waving with the wind around us. The sand swirling. The waves crashing in. And suddenly, thought vanishes. Time collapses and we are aware of ourselves fully and completely.

I have had this experience many times in my life, sometimes for weeks, but still within the skewed perception of a belief system based on thought. A nearly full and persistent awareness based on heart-centered emotion and thought being a servant to that is a part of my life now.

I am that I am. Nothing more, nothing less.

Exactly that.

I very strongly wish for those of us who know this to be blessed with the opportunity to share this experience. I even more stongly wish for those who are looking for this to find their way towards it. And, most strongly, I wish for those who deny the existence of this state of being to open their hearts and renounce the illusion they are in.

AM I the ALL? Yes. Because everything else is impossible.

Lets use logic. Let us assume there is an ALL. For the sake of reference, lets call the ALL the universe. Lets say you are a trillionth part of that universe. Very small. However, since the ALL is the ALL, a very small portion of that still is the ALL. There is no part-whole relationship to this. You are the ALL and the ALL is you. Pure logic.


Follow your heart and you will get there. It is really that simple.

Now draw inferences based on this axiom.


PS: Thanks to Tiara Kumara who gave me the last piece of the puzzle.

PPS: For further research, study the heart (physical and spiritual) and heart-based meditation. Check out the HeartMath Institute.

PPPS: 42’s digital root is six relating directly to the geometry of the heart space, the Merkaba (666), the hexagon, the cube, the flower of life and many more. It actually also relates to 6 to 12 relations like the Zodiac. I know this is cryptic, but thats the fun part. Just a hint.

I firmly believe that much of the world’s problems stem from us adopting false belief systems without question. We have been betrayed, taught wrong, led to believe things that are not true and forgotten our true nature.

1. We have been betrayed!

We have been betrayed by ourselves, our mind, our ego, our false systems of belief. We have been betrayed by the system we live in. We have been betrayed into believing that “this reality” is all there is.

2. We have been taught!

We have been taught that we are powerless while we are creators. We have been taught God is separate from us while Oneness is in and around us. We have been taught that the Saviour will come to set us free while it is us that have to free ourselves.

3. We have been led to believe!

We have been led to believe, that we are more or less like anybody while we are unique and special. We have been led to believe that this world of matter is solid and real while in truth every atom consists of 99,9999999 %  space. We have been led to believe that life is a burden and the godly reward resides in Heaven while our ability to influence and create our own reality is limitless.

4. We have forgotten!

We have forgotten our true nature as divine consciousness. We have forgotten the bonds that bind us together, failing to recognize each and every human being as our brother and sister. We have forgotten the Covenant of Old.

The paradigm of the small, helpless, little you, not able to change a thing in this world. The idea that we have a fixed place, a fixed role in a “divine order” serving only the elite. The concept of the little cog in the all-consuming relentless machine. The feeling of desperation within us as we say “I am only one human. How can I do anything about things? How can I change the world?”. The thought of a fixed reality, us being victims of the circumstances and a deluge of information and complexity we fail to comprehend. Sure I have overpainted this, but I believe each of you will have a feeling right now of what I mean. Most importantly, don’t believe any of it!

It is a LIE!  It is an ILLUSION! It is a DREAM!

“Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” Albert Einstein

Plato knew this 2.000 years ago. The parable of the cave. We see shadows on the wall and believe this to be the only reality there is, never asking what casts this shadow and what light shines behind it.

You want to find out?

Well, turn around and go looking! All that is needed is your sincere intention and commitment to go all the way.

Just follow the light.


Are you an esoteric?

Many of you will tend to answer no. You might say: “Esoterics is a bunch of crap, a far-fetched set of ideas embedded in a seemingly ridiculous folklore of superficial beliefs and practices. Talking to trees, seeing energy, talking to angels and the like.”. You might add: “I have nothing to do with it, and I don’t want to have anything to do with it.”. Its like the guy in this video.

So esoterics… you have nothing to do with it? Well, as a matter of fact you likely do. Sorry ;-).

Are you a religious person? Yes? Esoteric! Among others, you believe that man has been created in the image of god. Microcosm = Macrocosm. As above so below. The study of oneself is the study of the universe and thus oneness, or god. That is actually one of the hermetic principles. Correspondance. The electron encircles the proton as the earth orbits the sun as the solar system orbits the center of the milky way. The same principle on various planes of existence. An article on all seven hermetic principles is in the pipeline.

Do you practice Yoga? Yes? Esoteric! Yoga is an Indian esoteric school, thousands of years old. It is a set of philosophies and practices aimed at expanding consciousness and growing the energy body. “Physical yoga” is but an extension of this underlying philosophy, as it seeks to stimulate our chakra system and energy channels. Physical practice, or better mediation through motion, aims at stimulating the “unseen body”.

You do Tai-Chi or Qi-Gong? Dude, are you esoteric? You bet! Esoteric! Both schools deal with the notion of life energy “Chi”. Both practices teach you how to access, modulate and move life energy around.

Do you feed your kids (or yourself) homeopathic globuli instead of good-old industry grade drugs? I am sorry to say… but… esoteric!

Do you wear stones, crystals or metal on your body? What sort of symbols are among them? Esoteric!

Is your apartment Feng-Shui-compatible? Is the energy flow about right? Esoteric!

Do you believe in guardian angels, archangels and the like? 66 % of all Germans do. Obviously – esoteric!

You like Paulo Coelho? Well… pretty esoteric guy… “The Alchimist”… pure esoterics.

You check your horoscope from time to time…
You believe your loved-ones that passed away can look down on you from “heaven”…
You practice meditation…
You pray…
You believe you have a purpose in life…
You know there is a soul…
You know there is a divine spark in you…
You believe in a miraculous…
You sense that something is out there, even if you don’t know what…
You, deep inside, believe there must be more to life than this…

I guess my point is, very likely, at one point in your life or the other, you have come in touch with practices rooted in deep esoteric principles or core esoteric beliefs. Mostly, I would assume, without knowing. On at least one night of your life, you must have looked up to the stars in awe. Sometimes, you must have wondered… why do I feel… why do I dream… what happens when I die… So maybe, if one or more of the things I lined up worked for you, some great yoga, mediation, you name it, then maybe other things will work for you too. Maybe, you might want to learn what’s behind it. Chakras, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Astrology. Maybe, you can open your mind to a different kind of science that is thousands of years older than anything “modern man” came up with. Maybe, you acknowledge that “the wisdom of the ancients” has some relevance today.

Yes, my friend, you are an esoteric. From the moment your light entered this universe until the end of time.

In the words of the great Tony Soprano: “And if all this shit’s for nothin’, why do i gotta think about it? That’s the mystery, isn’t it? The mystery of god, or whatever you want to call it, of why we’re given the questionable gift of knowing we’re gonna die.”

Namaste (“I see the divine within you”) brothers and sisters!

Once upon a time, a group of highly intelligent pan-dimensional beings convened upon their planet. They have settled almost every question there is in the universe amongst them. However, they could not crack what is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Thus, they built an enormous computer called “Deep Thought” to come up with the answer. Deep Thought worked on this for 7,5 million years. Upon announcement of having completed its work, the people of Deep Thought’s planet cheered and convened around the giant computer to celebrate and revel in expectation of the answer. The high priests went up to Deep Thought’s terminal and asked in ecstasy: “Deep Thought: tell us! What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?” Deep Thought answered:


Douglas Adam’s novel “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” made 42 one of the most famous numbers in contemporaneous pop-culture. It has sparked many discussions across the nerdier portion of our society and remains yet an unsolved riddle. Douglas Adams himselfs debunked all efforts at interpreting his use of the number 42 in an interview, saying that he looking at a tree in his garden and thought, well 42 will do.

In my view, that presents us with three options.
a) 42 is pure coincidence, gibberish and does not mean anyting
b) 42 is a very important number and Douglas was used by the universe to give it to us
c) 42 is indeed the answer to everything, Douglas knows this and wants to keep its meaning occult

I, myself always found the number intriguing. 42, 42, 42. Gosh, there is someting to the sound of this number, some echo in my head, some attraction I cannot explain. I thought about it for about 15 years. Along came my manic psychosis of summer 2012 and I received a clue: “42 is showing 4 and hiding 2”. Great, I thought what kind of an answer is that supposed to be. However, I could not dismiss it as a meaningless snippet of an overall delusive state. It resonated with me, I kept repeating it to myself.

Time went by and I turned my mind back to reality. Quite relaxed that, as Douglas has written himself, Earth was built to compute the Question. And Earth was built by mice of course, which I just ate this morning. Strange.