A Prayer to Oneness

Instruction: turn on the music softly but not too softly and read the text out aloud. Blessings Benjamin Oh, my Beloved. I invoke you today! All is One. You are the One and the One is You. You are separate but equal, Just like a grain of sand is as much a mineral As the […]

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Interview with God

(MY first attempt at Dadaism ;-);-);-)) Interviewer: John Dandy (a.k.a Junior) Interviewee: God (Robert Stark) John Dandy: Well, finally, God has given us the right to broadcast the following interview and… God: Given, Junior, Given??? I didn’t give you anything. You did!Rob Stark: Behead the Idiot already and be done with it. I have a […]

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42 – AM I the ALL?

I was just talking to my girlfriend about us being on a path and what that implies. And how we stray from this path quite often because we feel distracted. I don’t want to go into this in too much detail, but at the heart of “walking the path” is doing what you feel like […]

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Shadows On The Wall

I firmly believe that much of the world’s problems stem from us adopting false belief systems without question. We have been betrayed, taught wrong, led to believe things that are not true and forgotten our true nature. 1. We have been betrayed! We have been betrayed by ourselves, our mind, our ego, our false systems […]

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Are You An Esoteric?

Are you an esoteric? Many of you will tend to answer no. You might say: “Esoterics is a bunch of crap, a far-fetched set of ideas embedded in a seemingly ridiculous folklore of superficial beliefs and practices. Talking to trees, seeing energy, talking to angels and the like.”. You might add: “I have nothing to […]

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Once upon a time, a group of highly intelligent pan-dimensional beings convened upon their planet. They have settled almost every question there is in the universe amongst them. However, they could not crack what is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Thus, they built an enormous computer called “Deep […]