Servants of All, Evolving as One

You want to “Be the Change…”?. Then affirm after me… “My will is only to Serve.” Being the change means service to others through service to ourselves. Inner service becomes the foundation of outer service to our loved ones, communities and humankind. This is a great source of inspiration, joy and power, its main drivers […]

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Invocation to the Silver Ray

I call upon the Elohim of the Silver Ray To pour Divine Grace through my bodies. I call upon the Elohim of the Silver Ray To release all karmic patterns, To release all pockets of resentment, That I may know Joy. I call upon the Elohim of Grace To fill my being with forgiveness, To […]

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Unfinished Self-Love…

“Just love yourself!” is a popular mantra in the self-help and spiritual communities. Self-love is heralded as the pivotal achievement, the panacea to all ills. So let us revisit self-love. Is it really that easy to just love yourself?

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Does Life Need A Meaning?

Searching for the meaning of life is probably the most well-travelled bandwagon in the Universe. What is so fascinating about it? Is looking for life’s meaning really meaningful? Or does our incessant search prevent us from finding what we are actually looking for?  You have probably read dozens of articles or books, some of those […]

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Mr. Mania and Mrs. Depression

One of the first things I learned over the years is that people don’t just change. Something dire, something that shakes up our world completely, has to happen first for us to develop a new perspective on ourselves. That is if all goes well. Twist of fate, hardship and crisis may lead up to personal […]

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