Image Source:

(c) “Fighting Stress” von olly
(c) “Human head with paper butterfly…” by Matej Kotula
(c) “Frau streckt Arme aus” von weeseetheworld
(c) “Emergence of the Mind” by agsandrew
(c) “Friends going on a road-trip” by Ammentorp
(c) “Multiracial group of people jumping at beach” by william87
(c) “clairvoyant” by Sergey
(c) “Nostalgie” by ischoenrock
(c) “businessman over stretched” by eelnosiva
(c) “Silver Infinity Symbol” by valdis forms
(c) “Heart pulled toward heavens” by rolffimages
(c) “spirale weiß zentrum bewegung” by bittedankeschön
(c) “smiling female doctors and nurses…” by Syda Productions
(c) “Realms of Dream” by agsandrew
(c) “Earth seen from space” by Andrew7726
(c) “The Ten Commandments” by Al
(c) “Spirituality Word Cloud Concept” by mybaitshop
(c) “The little boy sitting on a grass with…” by Andryi Petrenko
(c) “Painted Dream” by agsandrew
(c) “Synergies of Unity” by agsandrew
(c) “Quickening of Inner Lines” by agsandrew
(c) “smart happy fish going against group” by harishmarnad

Image Source:

(c) “Foggy landscape in the Romanian Carpathians” by Mikadun
(c) “Levitation portrait young woman” (228583069) by PathDoc
(c) “Levitation portrait young woman” (232956601) by PathDoc
(c) “Light at the end of the tunnel” by lassedesignen

Image Source: and Others

(c) “Tu was Du willst” von
(c) “Northern lights” by Rene Freitag

I bought all images on this website or used free images within the range of their licensing agreements.

Should you find your copyrighted material that is not explicitly referred to in this “Impressum”, please understand that I am a one-man show trying his best. Sometimes, it takes a few weeks for me to update the page.

Please notify me if you feel your copyright was violated or not properly referenced. It is neither intention nor oversight. I guarantee that I would never violate anybody’s copyright willingly.

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