Follow Your Call

We all feel called these days.

Called to learn more about ourselves.
Called to develop personally.
Called to develop spiritually.

Let me ask you the following questions

  1. What is the nature of your work?
  2. What is your life purpose?
  3. What is your mission?
  4. What is the Song of your Heart?

Thinking about what you would like to manifest this year

  1. What are your primary mission objectives?
  2. What is your masterplan for 2017 and beyond

This initiative is about inner service and outer service, about planetary service for the goodwill of all beings on Mother Gaia.

  1. What is your motivation to serve?
  2. At which level are you willing to serve?
  3. Where do you serve yourself and others well, where not?




  1. How did you hear about this opportunity?

I first heard from Tiara Kumara via the Skillsets forum (joined in October), as well as from official IAMAvatar communication and IDP communication.

  1. Briefly describe your spirituality and your sacred alignments?


  1. Have you made the transition to multidimensional perception?

What are your emotional triggers? If none, what were they?

What are your talents, skills and abilities?

What are your artistic expressions?

What are your forms of exercise?

Do you speak other languages than English?

21. What do you want to gain from this experience?