The Brain

Cogito ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. What a load of crap. I think, therefore I am not would be more fitting. Seriously, has your brain ever made your life easier? Incessant thought, evaluation, sowing doubt, seperation and judgement? Yeah, the brain is a bitch. So I thought. But it is really not. It […]

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Interview with God

(MY first attempt at Dadaism ;-);-);-)) Interviewer: John Dandy (a.k.a Junior) Interviewee: God (Robert Stark) John Dandy: Well, finally, God has given us the right to broadcast the following interview and… God: Given, Junior, Given??? I didn’t give you anything. You did!Rob Stark: Behead the Idiot already and be done with it. I have a […]

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