Good morning. Sipping my coffee, inhaling non-spiritual fumes and enjoying myself and my optimized Facebook feed (I unsubscribed a lot of stuff) I stumbled across this video.

It is a conversation between JP Sears and The Lifetarian. I know JP from his funny videos and we digitally exchanged appreciation and understanding when he reacted to two or three of my comments. I did not know The Lifetarian but from the way he asks questions, makes conversation and a quick scan of his video titles and video thumbnails I can say “I Like”. I will definitely have a look at his work. His question about “How is your day? How people structure their day tells me a lot about their magick.” really hit home with me.

So check these guys out. Now the video. “Momentum Conversation”. This one has a lot of it and then some. I love it. It so down to earth, so relaxing, so honest. They just tell it as it is.

Let me introduce JP again. JP Sears is very successful with his funny “How to be Ultra Spiritual” videos. Already, these videos contain a lot of great information on how to look honestly into the mirror and become aware of our perceptual gaps when it comes to viewing yourself.

He has a number of great “serious” videos on his YouTube Channel.

I recommend his videos on narcissim and self-sabotage since I think many spiritual people, beginning with myself, have a wagonload of both.

Convincing oneself of talking to Archangel Michael or adopting the view “You are the Creator” takes a lot of ego and a lot of narcissim. This is not a bad thing at all. I mean, this ego-driven dynamic drives spiritual development up to a certain point. The way “mainstream spirituality” is marketed always pushes two buttons. Self-grandiosity and very childish needs. That is ok too.

Self-sabotage is widespread two, especially among new-agers. Money is bad, success is bad, bad feelings are bad, being among low-vibration people is bad, a partner will limit my free spirit.

Been there, done that as well.

This system of belief can become very stable over time, especially if you begin to press the send button and work with people based on the incomplete awareness (master apprentice view). Outside bravado, a great fan base, followers become the currency with which you stabilize your inherently unstable system. Not so good in my view, but in my experience, an inescapable stepping stone and recurring theme you can work with.

This video is about that. Funny and true. Oh, now I repeated myself.

Have a great day