Unfinished Self-Love…

“Just love yourself!” is a popular mantra in the self-help and spiritual communities. Self-love is heralded as the pivotal achievement, the panacea to all ills. So let us revisit self-love. Is it really that easy to just love yourself?

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Does Life Need A Meaning?

Searching for the meaning of life is probably the most well-travelled bandwagon in the Universe. What is so fascinating about it? Is looking for life’s meaning really meaningful? Or does our incessant search prevent us from finding what we are actually looking for?  You have probably read dozens of articles or books, some of those […]

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What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is not a specific school of thought or set of practices. All people are spirit (consciousness) making a human experience. Spirituality, thus, is a fundamental attribute of our human existence. We do not choose to be spiritual. We are.

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